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Earthing Grounding Frequency Healing 

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Way Out Wellness nestled in rural West Tennessee features the zero gravity non-human touch massage for $19. While visiting make use of the bio-scanner. The bio-scanner will indicate conditions which can be addressed with alternative means. Not a diagnosis but for amusement only. On display find the Anti Aging Bed Cover and a demonstration of the Tesla Plasma Generator. Try out the Multi-Wave Oscillator and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. We invite you to visit (by appointment only) and experience 100 year old technology that is now available.


A whole new approach to healing by using Grounding, PEMF and Light therapies. All natural supplements with no fillers. The time is now to take charge of your health. We are not doctors or scientists. We are merely researchers discovering alternative ways to heal. By purchasing these devices, healing at home is now at a new level. The importance of grounding is so evident when in ancient texts people were living far longer than today. This is because they were touching the ground with bare feet and they slept on or near the ground. People today live hundreds of feet away from ground and may not be getting the healing effects of earthing.


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